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Farm Tours every Saturday at 1 pm

Meet at the farm store!


We are a real farm! It's true! We also serve wood-fired pizzas during the summer months to build a strong community and to share an understanding of farm life. Pizza on the Farm starts in May and goes through the end of September. Grassway Organics offers Pizza on the Farm events every  FRIDAY and SATURDAY night, rain or shine.


Orders are taken from 4-8 pm on Fridays, and 2 pm - 8 pm Saturdays. The music starts at 4 pm.


There are no reservations needed but please pack a chair or blanket as picnic table seating is limited.

All the meat and cheese is produced from the farm and we purchase all our veggies from a local organic CSA's. The crusts are hand crafted with ancient organic wheat grown in Elkhorn.
Local hand crafted beer, Local Hard Seltzer, Local Mead, Wine and plenty of kid friendly drinks are available for purchase. Cash is king for small businesses but we also accept credit cards.


  • Please make sure to bring a chair or picnic blanket with you.

  • Dress for the weather it is an all outdoor farm setting. 

  • Family Friendly, kids love to run on the bales(we ask not to poke holes in wrapped bales, this is the cows winter feed). 

  • No Dogs Allowed.

  • No Carry-In Beverages

  • We are not a petting zoo but Chickens, Cows and Horses are in location to view and walk to.(Fences are electric).

  • Expect a wait, come to hang out. Everything is made to order fresh in our small kitchen. 

  • Be Kind!

We look forward to having you on the farm!


We LOVE Local!

Locally Sourced Food Items:


Grassway Organics, Organic Mozzarella made in Cascade, WI

Organic Pfeiffer Wheat, Pounder Brothers, Delavan WI

Organic Veggies, Grateful Gardener, Turtle Creek Gardens, LOTFOTL & Peach Tree Organics Southeastern WI

Organic Crimini Mushrooms, River Valley Ranch Lake Geneva, WI

Italian Sausage made at Hometown Sausage, East Troy, WI

Organic Meat from Grassway Organics East Troy, WI

Hill Valley Cheese East Troy, WI

Matt's Wild Food, East Troy, WI


Meat Sticks/Strips Grassway Organics, HERE!

Cheese Curds Hill Valley East Troy, WI 

Desserts Simple Bakery, Lake Geneva, WI 

Caramel Corn Rolling Meadows Elkhart Lake, W


Tap Beer Vennture Brewery, Milwaukee WI

Tap Beer   East Toy Brewery, East Troy, WI 

Hard Seltzer  Untitled Art Waunakee, WI 

Tap Mead  The Hive East Troy, WI 

Forage Kombucha- Madison, WI 

Rishi Unsweetened Tea Milwaukee, WI 

Wisco Pop Veroqua, WI

T-Shirts OffBeat Press Oshkosh, WI

Hand Crafted Mugs, Green Rabbit Studio Mukwonago, WI

Music is listed BELOW and additional information on the artist can be found on our facebook page.



May 6th Emmit Mulrooney

May 7th John Stano

May 13th Two Open Buds

May 14th Noah Hitnner

May 20th Emmit Mulrooney

May 21st Jason Petitt

May 27th Paul Bast

May 28th Chad Hell

June 3rd Sawdust Symphony

June 4th Sarah Day

June 10th Paul Bast

June 11th John Stano

June 17th Emmit Mulrooney

June 18th Sawdust Symphony

June 24th Chad hell

June 25th Jason D Petitt

July 1st Noah Hittner

July 2nd The Hankerins

July 8th Paul Bast

July 9th John Gay

July 15th Sawdust Symphony

July 16th Daddy Long Legs

July 22nd Emmit Mulrooney

July 23rd Daddy Long Legs

July 29th Sarah Day

July 30th Sawdust Symphony

August 5th Paul Bast

August 6th TBA

August 12th Sawdust Symphony

August 13th Two Open Buds

August 19th The Hankerins

August 20th TBA

August 26th John Gay

August 27th Sarah Day

September 2nd Paul Bast

September 3rd The Hankerins

September 9th Emmit Mulrooney

September 10th Jereme Trunk 

September 16th John Gay

September 17th Sawdust Symphony

September 23rd Noah Hittner

September 24th John Stano

September 30th Jason D Petitt

October 1st Two Open Buds